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About Us

We at Grupo Salvatex are a company dedicated to bringing you the taste and experience of ethnic food from Central America, predominantly El Salvador, from our home to yours.

We opened a small restaurant in 1995 in Houston Texas, offering a full menu of Salvadorean favorites, including Pupusas. In the early 1980’s, Latin foods exploded into popularity and by 2009 Pupusas were considered a favorite.

In order to bring this trend home, we at Grupo Salvatex, have developed a variety of great tasting food that is affordable as well as healthy. These ethnic flavors combined with beans, fried plantains, home style eggs, sour cream or salsa make a family meal into a unique and delicious experience.

In July 2010 we got our grant of inspection by the USDA, and started producing pupusas.

Our products are known for the good quality and rapid preparation. They have fullfiled the task of saving labor & money to our current fast pace generation.

Thank you for your preference.