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What is a Pupusa ?

Pupusas prepared by Grupo Salvatex can be described as a thick tortillas made of corn flour dough and stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as Ground Pork & Cheese (”Chicharon”), Ground Pork, Cheese & Jalapeño, Chicken & Cheese and Beans & Cheese.

We have Breakfast pupusas coming at the beginning of 2013: Egg, Chorizo & Cheese; Egg, Bacon & Cheese. They are unique in the market, Grupo Salvatex invented then.

Other Group of pupusas coming at the beginning of 2013,are the vegetarian pupusas: spinach & Cheese, Zucchini, Carrots & Cheese, and Loroco & Cheese (Loroco is a Flower/Fruit native of El Salvador. Its scientific name is FERNALDIA PANDURATA. It has Components that contribute to good human health.)

All pupusas are made with corn flour, but they are available also with rice flour and wheat flour.

Other Products:

Chicken Tamales, Atoles (beverages) made of corn and milk, Sweet Potato and milk.

History of the Pupusa

The History of the Pupusa can be traced back to the Pipiles, an indigenous group that established settlements in El Salvador during the PreColumbian period.

Historians agreed that Pupusas were a basic component of the daily Pipiles diet. As a matter of fact, cooking utensils for preparation of Pupusas have been found in Joya de Cerén, a world-known archeological site located in El Salvador.

The settlement was buried by ashes from a volcano eruption almost two thousand years ago. The foodstuffs were preserved as they were being cooked.

Pupusa or “ Puputsa” , as it was known in the Pipiles’ native language, means "mixed bulk". The corn continues to be the main ingredient in the diet of all countries from Mexico thru Central America.