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Grupo Salvatex is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of ethnic foods from various countries of Central America, predominantly El Salvador. We are USDA Inspected facility, and we guarantee food made with the standards of quality.

We at Grupo Salvatex are a company dedicated to bringing you the taste and experience of ethnic food from Central America, predominantly El Salvador, from our home to yours. In 1995 the funes family opened a small restaurant in Houston Texas, offering a full menu of Salvadorean favorites including Pupusas. In the early 1980’s Latin foods exploded into popularity and bby 2009 Pupusas were considered a favorite. In order to bring this trend home, we at Grupo Salvatex have developed a variety of great tasting food that is affordableas well as healthy. Theses ethnic flavors combined with beans, fried plantains, homestyle eggs, sour cream or salsa make a family meal into a unique and delicious experience.

Pupusas prepared by Grupo Salvatex can be described as a thick tortillas made of corn flour dough and stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as ground pork (“chicharon”), Chicken, Cheese, refried beans, and “Loroco” (Vegetable native Of El Salvador). Other new ingredients added by Grupo Salvatex include zucchini, jalapenos, and also Pupusas made with rice and wheat flour dough. Pupusas Produced by Grupo Salvatex are also rich in fiber.

The History of the Pupusa can be traced back to the Pipiles, an indigenous Mayan Group. That established settlements in the Western Region of El Salvador during the pre-Columbia period. Historians agreed that Pupusas were a Basic component of the daily Pipiles’ diet. As a matter of fact, cooking utensils for preparation of Pupusas have been found in Joya de Ceren, a world-know archeological site located in El Salvador. The settlements was buried by ashes from a volvano eruption al most two thousand years ago. The foodstuffs were preserved as they were being cooked. Pupusa or “Pupusawa”, as it was known in the Pipiles’ native language, means “sacred food” mainly because of its key component: corn. Pilies viewed corn as sacred crop.

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